Climb this F-ing Mountain.

Standing before a mountain, immense and seemingly insurmountable, the view takes our breath away.  As we get lost in the enormity, we ask ourselves quietly, “How can I cross this?”  

This visual may depict how it feels living with an illness, a chronic imbalance, an acute emergency, or a major life change.  The body responds with depleted energy, sleep, inadequate bodily resources and increased pain.  These symptoms can contribute to how we make choices in our lives.  In a state of imbalance, we tend to react rather than make mindful ones.  

Our journey up the mountain would be easier if we had the right tools and the right guide.  


At Boundless Well-Being, you are given a map, a backpack of contents chosen on a case by case basis, and a practitioner that focuses on INDIVIDUAL CARE.  As the practitioner, Vivianne Gantous will serve as your guide and devise a plan of care based on your unique design. 


Every appointment is rooted in  Chinese Medicine (Acupuncture/Chinese Herbal medicine), BioEnergetics, Nutritional Guidance, Homeopathy, and the power of words through Therapeutic Communication and Health Education.  A thorough plan of care is created unique to each patient.  The point of intention behind every treatment is to ensure each person is receiving what is absolutely necessary to heal.  The practitioner listens to what your body needs rather than relies on a program or a fixed set of appointments.  How your body responds to the treatments is the truth we follow.