“Vivianne is the quintessential caregiver. She has been providing exceptional care and advice that addresses the body, mind and spirit for two years. As a retired science educator, I appreciate her natural empathy toward her patients and simplistic explanations for complicated protocols and outcomes.

People may forget what you said

People may forget what you did

However, people will never forget how you make them feel. Vivianne has always made me FEEL empowered throughout my treatments.”

                                                                                           -Philip Dabney, Science Educator


"So much in my life has changed in the last 10 months since my hemorrhagic stroke caused by an AV malformation, exploded in my brain the night before my 35th birthday.  2 months after my stroke I was a passenger in a car accident and further sustained an additional traumatic brain injury, with a plethora of new symptoms that accompanied that second brain injury.

It was so discouraging when I would complain to all of my doctors about near constant exhaustion, severe headaches, and nerve pain and they all replied with, “You had a stroke, get used to it”

As a certified athletic trainer I know now from personal experience what it feels like to have a concussion, the constant exhaustion, headaches, fogginess, disorientation, and all the symptoms a patient experiences that no one else sees.  For the last 8 months, I left the house only to walk my son to school or go to doctors’ appointments.  I spent the rest of the day laying down in fatigue.

Thanks to Vivianne and the last five months of treatment, these exertion related symptoms have subsided.   I am finally able to eat a family dinner at the dining room table, bake a cake and then prepare dinner, and exercise without being disoriented, having throbbing headaches, or feeling like I was walking into a dense fog!  

Enjoying all of these things again are huge triumphs and marks of improvement!

Vivianne has given me back a quality of life that my traditional doctors had no way of even beginning to address!"

                                                                                         -Maria T Wolf, ATC, MSEd, Athletic Trainer


“My family and I are so grateful for the care we receive from Vivianne at Boundless Well-Being. After several appointments with our family physician left me with more questions than answers, I began seeking out alternative options for my family’s chronic health concerns. Prescriptions were helping to cover up symptoms, but I was eager to know why we were experiencing them at all. In my search for answers, I found Vivianne. Vivianne was able to give us the answers to our questions and she helped us determine the underlying causes of our symptoms. Together, we developed a plan which involved lifestyle and diet changes, along with homeopathic and whole-food based supplements.

With Vivianne’s guidance, and through Bio-Energetics, Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture, my entire family has seen significant improvements in overall health. Symptoms that had been present for years are now much less severe or have been eliminated altogether. Vivianne uses simple, non-invasive techniques to evaluate our family. The visits are quick, easy, and family-friendly. My children love playing in the family treatment room while taking turns for their check-ups. A mother herself, Vivianne truly understands the needs of families and I have always felt that she is genuinely invested in not only helping my family, but all patients, achieve optimal wellness. I highly recommend Vivianne and look forward to continuing our journey in health with her at Boundless Well-Being.”

                                                                                       -Crystal Holmes, Mother, "Boundless Well-Being Patient Ally"


“Vivianne has done some amazing work on by body.  Before I started working with her, my body was fatigued, I had constant stress, mood swings, and was in and out of depression.  I didn't realize how much I was putting my body through because I didn’t know what I needed to eat.  In addition, my body was still recovering from having had a baby 6 years ago.   I never gave my body time to fully heal because i was always on the go. Now I feel amazing!  I’m full of energy and life, eating healthier and my stress levels have gone down.  I am clearer of my life’s purpose and pay more attention to what my body needs rather than working it to death.

Thank you for your amazing healing wisdom.”

                                                                                     -Justine Hernandez, Feng-shui Expert