Boundless Well-Being is a concept and a lifelong goal.  Vivianne Hipol Gantous developed the clinic, Boundless Well-Being, under her mission, “To ignite change in others by reminding them of their true gifts and purposes in this life.”  She believes that when people are physically and emotionally well, they are more apt to make better choices.  The hope is that in this state, people can recognize and utilize their gifts.  Her passion is to help others feel well so they have the option to live fully.   

Patients consist of all ages and varied medical complaints.  Patient goals vary greatly on a spectrum.  On one end, much progress is seen in difficult cases such as Auto-immune, cases without a specific Allopathic diagnosis, and chronic digestive, emotional and fatigue symptoms.  On the other end, much progress is also seen in patients who simply want to learn what to eat based on their constitutional type, and how to bring more vitality to their overall health using preventative and natural means.  Regardless of where the patient is on that trajectory, Vivianne Gantous gives an honest and comprehensive plan of care.  The focus is to connect with the inner awareness of the body to not only treat the symptoms, but accomplish a resolution of the symptoms once and for all. 

The practice focuses on families and the individuals that make up those families.   Here, families can breathe.  Rather than rush through life, it’s an adventurous possibility where parents can rejuvenate, remember and act upon their dreams, children can thrive, and grandparents can utilize what they have to fulfill their golden years

It’s a place I’ve created because, just like you, we all need a place that confirms our intention for health and balance.

Patients are assessed and treated through comprehensive customized health care uniquely designed for each patient using the fields of:

TRADITIONAL CHINESE MEDICINE                        ACUPUNCTURE                          BIO-ENERGETICS